Surveyor of the Year Award


This award was created in 2019 to recognize a surveyor who is an exemplary representative of NCCHC and demonstrates extraordinary dedication.

Elizabeth Piatek, CCHP

For 23 years, Liz Piatek has been the behind-the-scenes powerhouse of the NCCHC accreditation program, scheduling and coordinating the thousands of survey teams that have visited correctional facilities over the years.

As NCCHC accreditation logistics specialist, Piatek manages the day-to day-operations of the accreditation program. She monitors and reports on all activities for the three accreditation categories. She also provides client support to facilities that are accredited or seeking accreditation.

Piatek is also in charge of recruiting and orienting surveyors, and through her close work with each of them, she has detailed knowledge of their individual areas of expertise.

As noted in her nomination, “Liz’s contributions have made not only the surveyor program but the entire accreditation department a success.” She receives the highest respect and admiration from her colleagues — coworkers and surveyors alike.

Janice Hill, Elizabeth Piatek, James Voisard

Elizabeth Piatek (center) with long-time surveyors Janice Hill and James Voisard