State DOC Medical Directors Meet, Learn, Plan

Posted May 24, 2016

Medical directors from several states’ departments of corrections recently convened in Chicago for a full day of training and discussion on the NCCHC Standards for Health Services in Prisons at the inaugural Executive Curriculum for State Medical Directors program.

Hosted by NCCHC, the meeting was a unique opportunity for correctional health care leaders from around the country to meet one another, learn about contemporary best practices as delineated in the Standards and exchange ideas. Brent Gibson, MD, MPH, CCHP-P, Chief Health Officer, and Tracey Titus, RN, CCHP-RN, Vice President of Accreditation, led the training.

Based on the success of the inaugural program and participants’ interest in further collaboration, the assembled medical directors along with NCCHC elected to establish a State Medical Directors’ Executive Network as a forum for ongoing discussion of shared health care-related challenges. NCCHC will oversee the network, which aims to comprise medical directors from every state’s department of corrections.

The participants were enthusiastic about the opportunity to connect with their peers. “It’s a great idea to bring state medical directors together to network, share concerns and discuss the Standards,” said Kathleen Maurer, MD, MPH, medical director, Connecticut Department of Correction.

In addition to future Network meetings, NCCHC plans to repeat the Standards for Health Services in Prisons curriculum to give all state medical directors a chance to attend before moving on to another topic relevant to this audience. The next Standards session will be scheduled for fall 2016.

State medical directors interested in joining the Executive Network can contact NCCHC at 773/880-1460 or