Third Quarter Quick Quiz - COVID and more

Posted Oct 6, 2020

Results from our Third Quarter Quick Quiz


It's been a tough year and results from 214 responding CCHPs bear it out. Overall, CCHPs report mostly moderately negative impacts to staff stress, motivation, and physical health; incarcerated population attitudes and mental and physical health. With COVID-19 interrupting the ability of counselors and therapists to meet face-to-face with incarcerated persons and lockdowns more prevalent, close to half of respondents noted negative impacts on their substance abuse programs.


Chart of survey responses


On this question, 217 responding CCHPs highlight that facilities are educating the incarcerated, building their inventories of medication/PPE, doing additional staff training, creating new policies for reusing or conserving PPE and building stronger relationships with community health resources. In the additional comments, many noted that they have instituted quarantine, isolation, testing and tracking. One person noted that their population has been in "moderate lockdown" since April. Several mentioned seeking NCCHC accreditation - a strategy that will help your facility control disease and more.   

 How facilities are addressing COVID


Many leaders are concerned about the effects of dealing with COVID-19 on the mental and physical health of their teams. Some have been able to find new ways to boost staff morale; others are facing budget constraints or may not be as concerned about retention. A bright spot is that almost half the facilities have focused on mental health support during a stressful year.

Comments received included:  being short staffed, losing nurses, more support for education, extra time off and raises.

Company actions for staff for COVID


On the final question, 218 CCHPs responded about whether they believe their pay is comparable to pay in the community for health care staff. This was a pretty even 50/50 split with almost 1/5 not sure. 

CCHP beliefs about pay pie


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