Response to Sexual Abuse


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Standard I-03 prohibits health staff from participating in the collection of forensic information. However, the compliance indicators allow for exceptions, including in the case of sexual abuse, when health staff may gather evidence from the inmate-victim with his or her consent. In our facility, health staff collects forensic information in cases of sexual assault. Is there anything that needs to be in place to allow the health staff to continue this practice while remaining in compliance with the standard?

Standard I-03 Forensic Information does allow for health staff to collect evidence from the inmate-victim with his or her consent. If evidence is collected on-site, then standard B-05 Response to Sexual Abuse elaborates more on the requirements for in-house procedures. One other standard to consider is B-04 Federal Sexual Abuse Regulations, which requires facilities to have written policies and procedures regarding the detection, prevention and reduction of rape consistent with the Prison Rape Elimination Act. [Note: This reply is accurate for both the 2008 and 2014 editions of the Standards, although the standard names used are from the 2014 edition.]
— From CorrectCare Volume 28, Issue 2, Spring 2014