Research Request Form - National Commission on Correctional Health Care

Research Request Form

NCCHC Research Request Form

NCCHC is committed to improving the health of people who are incarcerated and the health care that is delivered to them. NCCHC recognizes the importance of research in this goal. If you would like to collaborate on research with NCCHC, please complete this form. The request will then be reviewed by our research committee. If you wish to disseminate a survey or recruit study participants, please visit InFocus Marketing for information about mail list rental:

Before you complete your request, please note the following:
1. Anticipated time lines are as follows:
       a. Upon receipt we will triage your request and within 2 weeks we will notify you by email as to whether your request will be considered by our Review Team.
            • If the request is for a pre-grant submission letter of support with time frame shorter than this process allows, let us know and we will attempt to accommodate.
            • If, after initial review, your request is not moved to the Review Team, we will provide an explanation.
       b. If the triage determines that the proposal warrants full review, the Review Team will conduct the review within 4 weeks.
       c. The Review Team will make a recommendation to the CEO and Board Chair, who will make the final decision.
2. NCCHC does not have an institutional review board. Final approval of research with NCCHC is contingent on the principal investigator (PI) providing documentation of IRB approval from your institution (if applicable).
3. Before initiating the research process, NCCHC and PI will sign a Memorandum of Understanding and Data Use Agreement that will include, among other things, agreements about publication.
4. Based on the nature of your research, you may be charged a fee to account for NCCHC staff time and other activities.

Contact [email protected] if you have questions.

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