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Posted Jul 22, 2021
CDC to distribute $700 million to 64 state and local jurisdictions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in confinement facilities, including prisons, jails, and juvenile confinement facilities.
Posted Jun 28, 2021
To facilitate continuity of care, correctional facilities should provide outgoing patients with portable health records that they may share with selected or designated community health resources.
Posted Jun 1, 2021
For a typical community health provider or leader, working in a correctional environment may seem as foreign as working in another nation. It’s not possible to simply operate a jail health system as if it is a health-system based community practice.
Posted May 18, 2021
The first-ever Pinnacle Award was presented to Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office for having earned NCCHC accreditation in three separate service areas.
Posted May 14, 2021
CFG Health System's gift to the NCCHC Foundation provides support for the Foundation's mission.