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Inmate Death

You are correct that the results of the administrative and clinical mortality review should be shared with treating staff. In the case of suicide, the psychological autopsy should be considered part of the clinical mortality review and should also be shared with treating staff.

— From CorrectCare Volume 29, Issue 2, Spring 2015

Death reviews should be completed in a timely manner even if the autopsy results are not yet returned. According to standard A-10 Procedure in the Event of an Inmate Death, all deaths should be reviewed within 30 days (see Compliance Indicators). Reviews consist of an administrative review, a clinical mortality review and, if the death is by suicide, a psychological autopsy. The intention of this standard is to avoid preventable deaths; therefore, any corrective actions identified through this process should be implemented and monitored sooner rather than later and treating staff should be informed of the administrative review and clinical mortality review findings. Clinical mortality reviews can be appended with information from the medical autopsy report.

— From CorrectCare Volume 23, Issue 2, Spring 2009