Board of Trustees Election Candidate Page - National Commission on Correctional Health Care

Board of Trustees Election Candidate Page

Board of Trustees Election

Each year, one seat on the CCHP Board of Trustees is open for election. CCHPs in good standing have the opportunity to select who will represent them and their concerns on the board.

You must be currently CCHP certified to vote. Each CCHP may vote only once. Votes from persons not certified and former CCHPs will not be counted. Multiple votes from the same person will be void.

The 2022 election will take place from August 4 through August 18. Current CCHPs will be emailed an invitation with the candidate statements and a link to online voting. If you do not receive the email, check your spam folder and, if you don’t find it, contact [email protected].

Five CCHPs have been nominated for the three-year position on the Board. Their candidate statements appear below.
Note: These statements have not been edited.


CAPT Nina F Dozoretz, MA, RHIA, CCHP, CHSA, USPHS (Ret)

Capt. Nina F Dozoretz, MA, RHIA, CHSA, CCHP, USPHS (Ret)

Given the opportunity to seek your vote among these outstanding correctional healthcare professionals is a great honor.  This opportunity is only surpassed when I sat on the NCCHC Board of Directors for many years representing the American Health Information Management Association and elected as the Chair in 2009. My career has spanned over 40 years of which 20 years was served in the U.S. Public Health Service where I filled several leadership positions in the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Indian Health Service and the Department of Homeland Security.  I had the privilege of working with dedicated correctional and detention healthcare professionals throughout the country committed to ensure access to quality medical and behavioral health services to detained and incarcerated populations. For over ten years I directed, managed and conducted correctional audits and inspections for the federal government, the private sector, NCCHC, and other correctional accrediting organizations.  My work supports the advancement of obtaining the CCHP, as this recognition reflects a high level of achievement, knowledge, and commitment. In July 2020 I joined the executive team at InGenesis as their SR VP to develop solutions to the care of vulnerable and underserved populations.  If granted the opportunity to serve on the Board, I will continue my mission to encourage others to achieve excellence and recognition by obtaining their CCHP and by identifying opportunities of improvement to the CCHP examinations to reflect current and future trends and issues in the correctional healthcare industry.

sue lane112x157

Sue Medley-Lane, RN, CCHP-A

As a registered nurse for 47 years, I have provided care in many settings.  In 1997 discovered correctional healthcare, and have devoted my experiences and knowledge to providing care to this specialty as well as being a voice for correctional healthcare on a local, state, and national platforms by participating in organizations, presentations, consulting and task forces. My career has spanned from intake nurse to director of health service and my current position as the director of infection control and prevention.    My passion for infection prevention and control for over 30 years was instrumental in recognizing the need for adaptation to the correctional settings, professional commitment and dedication.  . It is important that we continue to be a voice for our special population , helping our healthcare system recognize and understand the challenges of providing care in these settings.  We are a part of public health and work tirelessly to provide up to date information and changes in our medical fields.  As leader, I am dedicated to teaching and mentoring those that are new to the field for their position. Training the new generation is important so we can provide appropriate care for our patients.  I have served on multiple state and national task forces as a voice for corrections and a regular national presenter on infection prevention and control in corrections for several years. I received my CCHP in 2005 and my CCHP-A in 2018, and encourage all staff to obtain these certifications.  It is important to show dedication to this specialty.

Karen Rea 112x157 1

Karen Rea, MSN, FNP, CCHP


My name is Karen Rea, FNP, MSN, CCHP and my motto is “How Can We Help” and you can add your own hashtag. I would like to share my extensive advocacy, management skills, knowledge of multiple States’ jails and prisons systems and empathy and understanding of our members’ dedication in working with our very ill and sometimes forgotten populations. I know first-hand the challenges encountered due to staffing shortages, pandemic impacts and personal and professional challenges. The Board’s purpose is to support our members, develop materials and test to support continuing education and to understand the needs of our members. My statewide monitoring, expert witness experience and board affiliation has assisted me in understanding the trials and tribulations of clinicians, providers, nurses and affiliates staff and the ability to provide sustainable enhancements to our CCHP programming. I look forward to our continued collaboration. I am humbly requesting your support and vote and truly want to know “How Can We Help.”


Karen Wilson

Kathy Wilson RN, CCHP-RN

I believe that I would be a great team member and asset for the CCHP Board of Trustees. I have extensive knowledge and  nursing and management experience in correctional health care. As a Correctional CCHP-RN, I have been able to make significant contributions with making changes to correctional corporations policy and procedures And clinical operations with a goal of improving the delivery of health care to the patients we serve.

I have been able to utilize my past NCCHC surveyor experiences to promote and prepare jails and prisons with NCCHC Accreditation preparation and certification.

I love participating in all NCCHC activities and encourage all health care professionals to become NCCHC certified. I currently require all my corporate RN management team to achieve their RN CCHP-RN Certification. I believe this Will improve our company’s ability to enhance our delivery of patient care.