PR Kit Helps Facilities Tout Their Accreditation

Posted Jul 16, 2014

Accreditation is an excellent opportunity for positive recognition. To help accredited facilities share their accomplishment with the local media, peer organizations and the community, NCCHC has developed a publicity kit that can be customized for each facility.Accreditation Emblem
These materials will educate the public on the work the facility’s team has done to become accredited or maintain accreditation and highlight why it is important.

The kit includes a sample news release, the new NCCHC Accredited Facility Emblem (shown at right) and tips and guidelines to maximize success. Suggestions for promotion including the following:

  • Include the Emblem on your social media sites and website, on your stationery and in signage in public places in your facility or headquarters.
  • Send a news release to local media and correctional publications.
  • Conduct a news conference. Invite local reporters to meet with your sheriff, warden or jail administrator.
  • Display your accreditation certificate in a prominent place in your offices.
  • Notify any national, state or local association of which your organization or staff is a member. Many associations publicize accreditation information in their newsletters.
  • Include information on the benefits of accreditation in the organization’s newsletters and in presentations to staff and community groups.
  • Have a Health Care Quality day. Celebrate your team’s achievement and invite local media.

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