Overcoming Barriers to Care for HIV in Corrections

NOVEMBER 4, 2020

11 am PST  ǀ  12 pm MST  ǀ   1 pm CST  ǀ   2 pm EST

Presented by Neil Fisher, MD, CCHP, Corporate Medical Director for Quality Management and Pharmacy, Wexford Health Sources
Duration: 1.0 hour

HIV infection rates in correctional settings are higher compared with the general population. Prevalence of HIV in corrections is about 3 times higher than in the general United States population. Persons living with HIV who are unaware of their HIV-positive status account for about 49% of HIV transmissions. As the correctional facility may be the first time these patients actually get tested, jails and prisons are a unique point of access for screening and treating high-risk individuals for HIV. This presentation will guide correctional health professionals in the implementation of testing, treatment and linkage programs in corrections despite limited budgets and sparse resources. Participants will also explore ways to sustain these ongoing efforts to promote inmate, as well as community health.

Registration Fee: FREE 

Made available through a medical education grant from Merck 

Educational Objectives
  • Discuss the uniqueness of the correctional setting in terms of HIV testing and treatment
  • Discuss PREP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) and the importance of linking with PREP after release
  • Discuss the importance of Treatment as Prevention (TasP) and the need to adopt TasP into correctional HIV Care

Continuing Education Credit

1.0 hour of credit is available (ACCME, ANCC, APA, ADA, CCHP, NASW)

About the Presenter 

Neil Fisher, MD, is a regular speaker at NCCHC conferences. He is a graduate of Albany Medical College in Albany, New York. Dr. Fisher has been involved in correctional health care for more than 20 years. He is best known for the care of the iHIV positive and/or Hepatitis C positive incarcerated individual. He is Wexford Health Sources’ Corporate Medical Director for Quality Management and Pharmacy. Dr. Fisher is based at Wexford’s Regional Office in Phoenix, Arizona.

NOTE: This free webinar is part of the National Conference on Correctional Health Care.  If you are registered for the National Conference, please do not register for this webinar separately. Registration for this webinar includes another free webinar, Fuel on the Fire: How COVID-19 Impacts HIV and HCV Testing, Treatment, and Prevention in Corrections on November 3 at 9 am (central), and access to the virtual online exhibit hall during the National Conference.