Orientation for Health Staff


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My question is about the orientation packet that our company states is mandatory per NCCHC standards. We are told to sign all of the different spots on the packet stating that we have been oriented to these areas of the facility, but the orientation does not actually do this, and in fact it is conducted as quickly as possible without any structure. Is this the intent of the standard

Orientation into a correctional health care setting is very important and should not be handled lightly or loosely. Standard C-09 Orientation for Health Staff states that health staff are properly acclimated to work in the correctional environment and understand their roles and responsibilities. A basic orientation should be conducted on or before the first day of on-site service. Within 90 days of employment, all health staff should complete an in-depth orientation. The orientation program should be documented and kept on file. If the orientation for your new health staff is not living up to this standard, you should consider reevaluating your orientation plan. Your staff deserves it.

— From CorrectCare Volume 34, Issue 1, Winter 2020