Opioid Treatment Programs


These standards represent the requirements for corrections-based opioid treatment programs seeking accreditation from NCCHC.

Published in April 2016, the second edition was updated to reflect the 2015 revision of the Federal Guidelines for Opioid Treatment Programs published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Importantly, it takes into account the issues unique to providing services in a correctional facility. In alignment with the Standards for Health Services, the OTP Standards are divided into nine general areas: health care services and support, patient care and treatment, special needs and services, governance and administration, personnel and training, safety, health records, health promotion and medical-legal issues.

NOTE: Very limited supplies of the 2016 edition are available. A new edition is to be published in Spring 2021. 

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Third-party trainings on the NCCHC Standards may be conducted only by those who receive written authorization from NCCHC or NCCHC Resources, Inc. Without authorization, such trainings are prohibited.