NCCHC Issues New Guidelines

Posted Apr 2, 2013

NCCHC has issued two new Guidelines for Disease Management in Correctional Settings. Both address common yet difficult challenges for correctional clinicians.

Chronic Noncancer Pain Management considers the distinct qualities of this type of pain and the unique challenges of managing it in correctional populations. The guideline provides recommendations for evaluation, treatment approaches (both nonpharmacological and pharmacological) and patient education, along with a list of quality improvement measures that emphasize outcomes as well as process and practice.

Opioid Detoxification outlines the essential components to treating a patient who enters a correctional facility in acute opioid withdrawal. These components include screening, evaluation, detoxification and referral for substance abuse treatment. Again, quality improvement measures are provided. Supplemental tables help the clinician to assess opioid dependence and severity of withdrawal. Another table summarizes the advantages and limitations of three commonly used detoxification drugs.