Dec 16, 2019

NCCHC Is Supporting California Title 15 Medical/Mental Health Inspections

The Institute for Medical Quality (IMQ) is no longer providing correctional health consulting and Title 15 Medical/Mental Health inspections. To assure there is no disruption for facilities currently in compliance, NCCHC Resources can provide support and expertise.

NCCHC is the largest and most expert accreditor of correctional health care services in the world and inspections (or surveys) are an integral part of our day-to-day operations. Established by the American Medical Association in 1976, NCCHC exists for the express purpose of helping correctional facilities reduce risk by improving and maintaining their health services.

NCCHC’s board members include representatives of the American Jail Association and the National Sheriffs’ Association. Working with NCCHC provides consistency and coordination with national standards such as the NCCHC Standards for Health Services. NCCHC Resources is a nonprofit subsidiary of NCCHC and offers robust, independent and practical expertise in correctional health.

Relevant recent NCCHC Resources projects include:

An Eastern jail that houses local and federal detainees experienced the death of several inmates under its care. County leadership engaged NCCHC Resources to send an expert team (a physician and a nurse) to perform a comprehensive evaluation of health care services to make targeted recommendations for improvement and to provide monitoring services.

Faced with a mounting problem with managing opioid-dependent patients in jail, the sheriff’s department of a major coastal metropolitan area looked to NCCHC Resources to provide training on the opioid crisis and how the sheriff might address the needs of this growing population. Coordinated with the local community treatment program, NCCHC experts provided on-site technical training, which included a thorough review of standards for opioid treatment programs.

A large urban county has retained NCCHC Resources to help navigate the complexities of providing medical, dental and mental health care to the thousands of individuals within its complex correctional system. NCCHC Resources consultants were brought to conduct an on-site analysis of the care provided, develop an RFP for a new health services contract, and analyze proposed staffing positions to ensure that professionals with appropriate licenses and credentials were hired.

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