Mental Health Services


Correctional facilities have been the country’s largest mental health providers for decades. The challenges presented by any size inmate population with mental health needs, ranging from serious mental illness to substance use disorder to unhealed trauma, can be daunting.

Facilities who are investing in treatment for mental health and substance use disorders can and should get recognition for the work they are doing to support incarcerated patients and their communities by applying for NCCHC Mental Health Accreditation.

Mental Health Accreditation is a performance excellence framework that goes beyond the general health services standards. The mental health standards help facilities enhance their mental health patient care systems.

Mental health accreditation:
• Provides opportunity for recognition within your community
• Improves staff morale
• May reduce risk of suicide and other adverse outcomes
• Lowers risk of lawsuits and expensive judgments
• Decreases security and disciplinary incidents

If your facility has:
• Dedicated mental health care staff (in-house or outsource) or
• Mental health and substance abuse treatment

Take the challenge and get the recognition you deserve. NCCHC surveyors with expertise in mental health services will visit your facility and assess your compliance with NCCHC standards for mental health programs. If they find areas of concern, they will work with you, in a collaborative effort, to bring your facility closer to accreditation and reduce opportunities for negative outcomes.

“Correctional facilities have become the country’s largest mental health providers. The best way to tackle this problem is head on, by ensuring we provide high quality, effective care that can help people turn their lives around.” Sheriff John Wilcher, Chatham County (first facility accredited for mental health care)

Set up an appointment today to discuss how accreditation can help your facility and your community.