Managing Cultural Competence: Diagnostic and Treatment Implications

June 28, 2018

11 am PDT  ǀ  12 pm MDT  ǀ   1 pm CDT  ǀ   2 pm EDT

It is important for correctional health staff to integrate multicultural awareness into their work with inmates. This workshop will help clinicians understand themselves and their clients in a cultural context as well as understand the social determinants that correlate with physical and mental health in a patient population.

Multiculturalism and diversity will be discussed in terms of working with the diverse populations, with a focus on how professionals can be more aware of their own biases and prejudices. The workshop will also present multicultural competencies and tangible ways to infuse multicultural competence and awareness into a correctional health program.

Duration: 1 hour

Registration fee: $49

Educational Objectives

  • Identify the key social determinants of health in an inmate population
  • Describe cultural values in yourself and others when engaging in clinical practice
  • Discuss how to design treatment programs free from individual and cultural bias

Continuing Education Credit

1.0 hour of credit is available (ACCME, ANCC, APA, CCHP)

About the PresenterMark Fleming

Dr. Mark Fleming is Vice President of Operations for Corizon Health in Nashville, Tennessee. Licensed to practice psychology in eight states, he is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor of Mental Health. Dr. Fleming has been in the correctional mental health care field since 2009 and is a regular presenter at local, regional and national correctional health care conferences.