In Memoriam: Joseph E. Paris, MD, PhD, CCHP-A

Posted Jul 15, 2012

NCCHC board member Joseph E. Paris, MD, PhD, CCHP-A, age 71, passed away on Sept. 6, succumbing to cancer. A longtime leader in the correctional health care field, Dr. Paris was born and raised in Argentina, coming to the United States to complete his PhD degree in biochemistry.

A few years later he earned an MD degree. After 10 years of work in hospitals and private practice, in 1985 he joined the Florida Department of Corrections, taking leadership roles in various facilities. A decade later, he joined the Georgia Department of Corrections and soon became statewide medical director. Upon “retirement,” he remained highly active, working at two county jails in Georgia, doing independent consulting and serving as an expert witness.

Throughout his career, Dr. Paris made countless significant contributions to the field of medicine and to correctional health care, generously sharing his time and expertise with professional associations, committees, government entities and others—and receiving many well-deserved honors. A good friend of NCCHC, he became a Certified Correctional Health Professional in 1991, the year the program launched, attained Advanced status in 2006 and served on the CCHP board of trustees for two terms. He also was an active accreditation surveyor since 1995. In 1992, he helped to found the Society of Correctional Physicians. He later served as its president and was honored as an SCP Fellow. Since 2009 he was SCP’s liaison to the NCCHC board of directors. A prolific writer and speaker, Dr. Paris contributed to hundreds of publications and conferences and was a frequent and popular speaker at NCCHC meetings.

See this Atlanta Journal-Constitution obituary for more details about Dr. Paris' life.