Health Assessment


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I work in a jail and would like to know if we are required to complete a screening test for tuberculosis as part of the receiving screening.

No, the E-02 Receiving Screening standard for jails does not require inmates to receive a tuberculosis test at the time of the receiving screening. Mainly this is because detainees often do not remain in the facility long enough to have the tuberculin skin test read. However, TB testing is required under the E-04 Initial Health Assessment standard (see Compliance Indicators 2e and 5e). We also recommend that a tuberculosis control plan be followed that is consistent with published guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Please note that for prisons, a screening test for tuberculosis is required under the Receiving Screening standard (Compliance Indicator 10).
— From CorrectCare Volume 23, Issue 2, Spring 2009


I was wondering if a history and physical is required as part of the infirmary admitting order, under the G-03 Infirmary Care standard?

No. A patient may have just had a health assessment prior to being placed in the infirmary, so an additional history and physical would not be required. An infirmary order should include the admitting diagnosis, medication, diet, activity restrictions, diagnostic testing required, frequency of vital sign monitoring and other follow-up (Compliance Indicator 8a). Admission to and discharge from the infirmary should occur only on the order of a physician (or other clinician where permitted by virtue of his or her credentials and scope of practice).
— From CorrectCare Volume 23, Issue 2, Spring 2009