FBOP Medical Director Outlines Future Opportunities in Correctional Health Care at NCCHC Leadership Institutes

Posted Jul 23, 2014

Denver (July 19, 2014) – Rear Adm. Newton Kendig, MD, presented a compelling overview of emerging management and clinical opportunities that will have a significant impact on correctional medicine in the years ahead. He delivered his remarks in the closing plenary session at NCCHC’s Correctional Health Care Leadership Institutes. Dr. Kendig has served as medical director for the Federal Bureau of Prisons since 1999 and as assistant director of the FBOP’s health services division since 2006. He also is the assistant surgeon general of the U.S. Public Health Service.

Key themes in Dr. Kendig’s talk pointed to emerging technologies and management approaches that could lead to better, more cost-effective patient care. In particular, he cited clinical care strategies such as medication-assisted treatment for chronic addiction, antiviral therapies for infectious diseases such as hepatitis C, the use of biologic modifiers for cancer and autoimmune diseases and bariatric surgery for obesity. Medical-legal issues discussed include managing inmates with gender dysphoria, indications for genetic testing and caring for inmates with disabilities. In the realm of informatics, he made the case for creative uses of telehealth, virtual case studies as a training tool for subspecialty care and clinical decision-making software as a risk management tool.

Dr. Kendig highlighted the importance of leadership and values such as commitment, direction and alignment. He noted that the leader’s role is to listen to learn, not listen to respond. He spoke of the value of team medicine, noting that disease management is becoming a team goal, not solely a responsibility of the physician or consultant. Professionals such as nurse practitioners, dieticians, social workers, dental hygienists, pharmacists, diabetes educators and  physical therapists all have parts to play in successful health care.

“This was an inspiring talk,” said one conference attendee. “Dr. Kendig provided fascinating updates on trends and expectations in health care, and implications for our practice in correctional health settings.” Another attendee noted that “Dr Kendig’s expertise and global perspective were invaluable.” The Leadership Institutes was held July 18-19 in Denver, CO.

The annual Leadership Institutes provides two days of specialized, high-level education for experienced and emerging correctional health care directors, managers, clinicians and administrators, along with focused networking sessions and opportunities for relationship building. The 2015 conference will take place July 10-11 in Long Beach, CA. For more information about NCCHC educational conferences, visit www.ncchc.org/events/conferences.

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