CHORDS Moves Into Phase 2

Posted Dec 14, 2012

The Correctional Health Outcomes and Resource Data Set is an innovative, client-driven quality improvement effort that is providing much-needed data for comparison of clinical processes and outcomes in correctional systems. Modeled after standardized clinical performance measurement systems such as the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set, CHORDS is a flexible, customizable platform designed from the ground up by correctional professionals and experts in this field.

The project has completed its first phase, in which 66 participants shared data on nine diabetes-related measures, data were analyzed and reports generated. Phase 2 is now underway. This includes developing additional measures and adding new participants. Phase 2 measures will continue to focus on medical conditions prevalent among the incarcerated population and will be selected by correctional health experts. Measure domains under development include anticoagulation, hypertension, dyslipidemia and HIV.

The benefits from taking part in CHORDS are many. CHORDS provides participants with powerful tools for understanding and managing the health of their inmates. Importantly, having a better handle on clinical outcomes is a major step toward managing health care costs. There are numerous ways to study performance data and CHORDS provides a high level of flexibility. The data are available in spreadsheet format and may be readily converted to charts or simple tables for presentation. As data continue to be stored and analyzed, CHORDS’ ability to support benchmarking and comparisons will strengthen. The project also may be developed to enable provider-level reporting so that clinical leaders can monitor outcomes down to the individual clinic or clinician.
There is no direct cost to participate, but an electronic medical record or other means to readily extract and export data is helpful. Participants interested in supporting measure development, analysis, presentation of results or other activities beyond data gathering are welcome to communicate their ideas and interest to NCCHC. In addition, NCCHC staff members will be available throughout all phases of CHORDS to answer questions and to provide technical assistance.

To learn more about CHORDS and how to participate, contact