Case Studies

NCCHC Resources, Inc., provides technical and strategic consulting services to all types of correctional health systems and programs. 

With its roots in NCCHC, NRI offers unparalleled breadth, depth, experience and perspective to tackle the intricacies of this complex field. Our customers seek training, strategic guidance, subject matter expertise and technical assistance with health care-related issues. Recent projects include:

  • Comprehensive review of health care services with targeted recommendations for improvement
  • Focused analysis of nonemergency health care services at a high-security prison
  • Assessment of a large jail system's readiness for an accreditation survey, including on-site assessments at the system’s many sites and crucial feedback
  • Development of large and complex RFPs for health services
Case Study: Navigant Consulting

When Navigant Consulting needed to conduct a benchmarking study of costs in correctional health care systems, the firm turned to NCCHC Resources, Inc. for its unique expertise.

Seeking state-to-state comparisons of correctional health care practices, staffing and utilization of services, Navigant, a large health care consulting firm, enlisted NRI for specialized correctional knowledge, perspective and insight. NRI’s expertise and Navigant’s robust health care analytic skills combined to create a comprehensive study of information from seven state departments of corrections. NRI consultants facilitated communications with those states’ DOCs, developed a detailed data request and partnered with Navigant in the fact-gathering interviews.

The study included detailed information and data on health-care staffing and costs; health care utilization by inmates; use of telemedicine to treat patients; private vendors used to provide medical, behavioral health and pharmacy services; electronic health record system use; pharmacy models and costs; and hepatitis C treatment guidelines.

Says Navigant Managing Director Catherine Sreckovich, “NRI was an invaluable partner, providing the necessary expertise and credibility to our efforts to collect information from states around the country.”