Knowledge is the foundation of competence in professional practice


That’s why educating correctional health professionals is a key strategy in fulfilling the NCCHC mission. Professional education also helps with career advancement, job satisfaction and staff retention. Our programming is driven by rigorous ongoing needs assessment of professionals augmented by input from a committee of experts in a diverse disciplines.

NCCHC provides continuing education credit—more than 100 hours each year—for physicians, nurses, dentists, psychologists and social workers, as well as general credit for CCHPs and professionals in other disciplines. Credit is provided primarily through ...

  • NCCHC’s annual conferences, which are unsurpassed in their breadth and quality
  • A robust lineup of educational webinars that cover diverse topics of high importance and interest to the field

Through these efforts, we assist and advance thousands of individuals as well as the systems in which they work and the patients for whom they care.