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State Medical Directors Learn about Standards

At the second session of the Executive Curriculum for State Medical Directors program, top medical officials from several states’ departments of corrections gathered for in-depth training and discussion of NCCHC’s Standards for Health Services in Prisons.

The dalistening SMDs 2ylong program was a repeat presentation of last spring’s successful inaugural event.

The meetings are an important opportunity for correctional health care leaders from around the country to learn about contemporary best practices as outlined in the Standards and exchange ideas. They are also the foundation of NCCHC’s State Medical Directors’ Executive Network, a forum for ongoing discussion and collaboration.

NCCHC will present the Standards for Health Services in Prisons curriculum twice next year to give all state medical directors the opportunity to attend.

For more information on the Executive Curriculum and State Medical Directors’ Executive Network, contact NCCHC at 773/880-1460 or info@ncchc.org.