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NCCHC and AAHIVM Partner on Corrections Issue of HIV Specialist

The American Academy of HIV Medicine recognizes the importance of continuity of care for individuals released from incarceration to the community—both for the health of the patient and to reduce risk to the community. But while AAHIVM’s members may encounter these patients in their community practices, they are not, on the whole, familiar with the unique corrections practice setting nor the complex issues surrounding HIV in correctional populations.

To enlighten these HIV care clinicians, NCCHC developed a special section for the Academy’s HIV Specialist magazine. We recruited six authors with a wealth of experience and strong expertise in the nuances of HIV care in corrections. The introduction by Anne Spaulding, MD, MPH, CCHP-P, FIDSA, shares her personal journey into this field. The remaining articles touch on weighty topics such as HIV/HCV coinfection (by Neil Fisher, MD, CCHP), HIV and mental health (by Glenn Treisman, MD, PhD), reentry and continuity of care (by Barry Zack, MPH, and Katie Kramer, MPH, MSW) and the challenges and rewards of providing HIV care to inmates in low-income countries (John May, MD, AAHIVS, CCHP, and Spaulding).

The special section appeared in the March 2017 issue and is available for free download.