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COVID information and more at the National Conference

The National Conference on Correctional Health Care, taking place online November 2-4, features a full slate of sessions for all aspects of correctional health care – medical, nursing, legal, mental health, administration, juvenile issues, and more. Of particular interest this year are sessions related to COVID-19.

These sessions include:

  • Bloodborne Infection Education: Adapting Materials to Deliver Coursework During an Evolving Pandemic
  • Challenges of Treating HIV in the Time of COVID
  • COVID-19 vs. State Youth Correctional Facilities: The Battle of 2020
  • Five Modalities of Telemedicine to Optimize Virtual Care
  • Fuel on the Fire: How COVID-19 Impacts HIV and HCV Testing, Treatment and Prevention in Corrections
  • Increasing Rapid Access and Capacity Through Integration of Asynchronous and Synchronous Telemedicine
  • Case Study in Collaboration: Clinical and Procurement Define Supply Chain Excellence
  • Occupational Health, Safety, and Wellness in the Correctional Environment
  • Silver Linings From the COVID Pandemic

Other high-interest sessions include:

  • The Art of Detecting and Documenting Feigned Mental Illness
  • Eliminating Hepatitis C: Critical Interventions in Correctional Settings
  • Implementing MAT in a Jail Setting: The Tale of Two Cities
  • Important Techniques in Communicating With Your Defense Counsel
  • Lawsuits 101 for the Correctional Health Professional
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment Program for Substance Abuse: Clinical Outcomes and Lessons Learned
  • Monitoring: An Essential Component of Health Services
  • Psychopathy: Treatment and Risk Management in a Correctional Setting
  • The National Response Plan for Suicide Prevention: How to Put It Into Action
  • The Strategic Bedside Manner: How to Tactically Speak to Inmates
  • The Therapeutic Relationship: The Key to Correctional Mental Health Care
  • What’s Inside the Box? How to Set Up an Effective Sick Call System

To view the full agenda, visit national-conference.ncchc.org/agenda.