Priorities for 2022 … and Beyond

It is my privilege to serve as the new chair of NCCHC’s
Governance Board. It has been an amazing six years as the American College of
Healthcare Executive… Continue Reading ›

NCCHC Scholarship Winners Get Inspired and Inspire Others

The future of correctional health care looks brighter with the introduction of eight scholarship winners at the November 2021 NCCHC Conference on… Continue Reading ›

New Year’s Resolution Ideas from NCCHC

Make 2022 the year you take concrete steps toward improving the quality of health care in your jail, prison, or juvenile detention facility. That’s NCCHC… Continue Reading ›

The Importance of Custody-Health Care Collaboration, Part 2

While knowledgeable leadership is critical to ensuring that
a correctional system runs effectively, no group is more important to the
d… Continue Reading ›

The Importance of Custody-Health Care Collaboration, Part 1

If you work in correctional health care, you not only have
to interact and care for … Continue Reading ›

Before Estelle: A Firsthand View

It is hard to imagine now, but in the late 1960s and early
1970s there were only about 400,000 individuals housed in prisons and jails … Continue Reading ›

Call for Papers: Special Issue on Transgender Health and Corrections

The Journal of Correctional Health Care and Transgender Health are collaborating to produce a special issue on Transgender Healt… Continue Reading ›

A Day in the Life of a Correctional Case Manager

My journey as a clinician began accidentally when I took a job as a care navigator, a natural extension of the eight years I’d spent in health care admini… Continue Reading ›

Exam Proctors Pay It Forward

When it comes to taking the CCHP exam, candidates today have more options than ever before. They can sit for their exam:

At one of more than 900 test… Continue Reading ›

“The CCHP Program Is for Correctional Health Executives Too”

“Knowing the NCCHC standards and becoming certified is just as important for correctional health administrators as it is for nurses, physicians, and ot… Continue Reading ›