Akathisia: A Mysterious Medication-Induced Movement Disorder

A patient once told me, “If it was a choice between cancer
and this, I would take cancer.”

What is this condition that could be perceived as b… Continue Reading ›

A Day in the Life of a Correctional Case Manager

My journey as a clinician began accidentally when I took a job as a care navigator, a natural extension of the eight years I’d spent in health care admini… Continue Reading ›

Oxcarbazepine & Carbamazepine Interact With HIV Meds

Since HIV and serious mental illness are both common in the
incarcerated population, it is important to understand a dangerous interaction
between many HIV … Continue Reading ›

LGBTQ+ Resources

For Pride Month, we have assembled a list of LGBTQ+ resources for those who work in corrections, health care, or social services. If you have additional re… Continue Reading ›

Good News for Correctional Providers: Prescribing Buprenorphine Just Got Simpler

Earlier this week, the Department of Health and Human Services announced a new practice guideline that removes barriers for providers when obtaining the “… Continue Reading ›

Talking About MOUD in Wisconsin and With You

Milwaukee Jail Commander Inspector Aaron Dobson and I were honored to present a keynote address for the Wisconsin Department of Health Services Opioids, Sti… Continue Reading ›

On the Spectrum and in the System: Understanding Autism

By Joyce J. Benjamin, PA-C (Emeritus), RN, and Michelle A. Grimes, MS, MBA

Autism spectrum disorder is currently diagnosed at a rate of
1 in 54 pe… Continue Reading ›

MOUD in Corrections: Saving and Changing Lives

Whitney was six months pregnant and
struggling with opioid use disorder (OUD) when she got to jail. But the jail
did not provide her with access … Continue Reading ›

Restrictive Housing in Juvenile Corrections

For those of us who provide treatment in juvenile correctional settings, the resilience demonstrated by our adolescent patients constantly reminds of us why… Continue Reading ›

Off Label May Keep Your MAT Patients On Track

As we work with more facilities seeking to treat patients with opioid use disorder, a specific challenge has emerged with injectable extended-release naltrex… Continue Reading ›