CCHP-MHs Feel the Love

For CCHP-MHs, the specialty certification in mental health brings them a personal sense of pride and helps lend credibility to the challenging profession the… Continue Reading ›

Top Reasons to Become a CCHP-RN

In honor of National Nurses Week (May 6-12), we present the Top Reasons to Become a CCHP-RN.

About CCHP-RN Certification

This … Continue Reading ›

CCHP-A Was the Next Logical Step for CEO Jessica Young

Jessica Young says her grandparents encouraged her and her
siblings to be the best in whatever they took on. So, once she became a leader
in correctional he… Continue Reading ›

New Year’s Resolution Ideas from NCCHC

Make 2022 the year you take concrete steps toward improving the quality of health care in your jail, prison, or juvenile detention facility. That’s NCCHC… Continue Reading ›

Correctional Nurse Shares CCHP Prep Experience on YouTube

We were pleasantly surprised to find Erica Soto, RN, CCHP, on YouTube discussing her recent experience studying for and passing the CCHP exam on the first t… Continue Reading ›

Exam Proctors Pay It Forward

When it comes to taking the CCHP exam, candidates today have more options than ever before. They can sit for their exam:

At one of more than 900 test… Continue Reading ›

“The CCHP Program Is for Correctional Health Executives Too”

“Knowing the NCCHC standards and becoming certified is just as important for correctional health administrators as it is for nurses, physicians, and ot… Continue Reading ›

Strategies for Promoting CCHP Certification to Your Team

By Michael Teasdale, RN, CCHP

Full disclosure: I did not obtain my CCHP certification until I had been in nursing management for quite some time. It w… Continue Reading ›

Correctional Medicine’s Movers & Shakers: CCHP-Ps

The CCHP-P program was launched in 2015 to give correctional physicians (the second P in CCHP-P) an opportunity to earn a credential that acknowledges their … Continue Reading ›

CCHP Exams Now Available Online

Time and space have been conquered as travel, time of day, and time out of the office are no longer barriers to taking the CCHP exam. The exam for this impor… Continue Reading ›