NRI Launches CHORDS-QI Quality Improvement Program

Posted May 13, 2015

NCCHC Resources, Inc., announced the formation of Correctional Health Outcomes Resource Data Set – Quality Improvement at its Spring Conference on April 13 in New Orleans. CHORDS-QI is a collaborative effort that will enable correctional health care systems to participate in structured improvement programs on various topics critical to meeting NCCHC standards and, in the future, disease-specific improvement.

“Ultimately, CHORDS will provide benchmarking information for correctional health care management and processes of care as well as for individual health care standards,” said NCCHC Vice President of Operations Brent Gibson, MD, MPH, CCHP. “Data from CHORDS activities will contribute to public health and health services research in line with national health care reform efforts and will help standardize performance expectations related to correctional health care.”

A pilot program to be conducted this summer will inform the content for a full-scale improvement collaborative that will kick off at NCCHC’s National Conference on Correctional Health Care in October. Facilities that enroll in the CHORDS-QI project will use a model for testing change to identify actions they can take toward improvement. As they achieve measurable change in their institutions, participants will share tips, protocols and tools via conference calls, meetings and educational sessions. As Dr. Gibson pointed out, “Health outcomes are related to the quality of the health care provided,” so all members of the health care team have a stake in ensuring that the quality of care is maximized.

An advisory board of diverse and seasoned correctional health care experts is providing hands-on direction to a team of NRI staff and improvement consultants who will manage CHORDS. Information about enrolling in the first collaborative will be available in September on the NRI website. For more information about joining the program, please contact

NCCHC Resources, Inc., is a not-for-profit organization that works to strengthen NCCHC’s mission: to improve the quality of health care in prisons, jails and juvenile detention confinement facilities. Leveraging NCCHC’s expertise in correctional health care, NRI provides customized education and training, preparation for accreditation and professional certification, performance improvement initiatives and technical assistance to correctional facilities interested in health care quality improvement.