2017 National Conference on Correctional Health Care Proceedings




401 Illicit Drug Body Packing, Body Stuffing and Their Consequences Anna Munoa MD CCHP
402 Lateral Violence in Nursing: Recognition and Prevention

Mariann Burnetti-Atwell PsyD CCHP        Tara Taylor BSN RN CCHP

403 Using the Three Rs to Defeat Inmate Resistance to Treatment  Bill Elliott PhD
404 Important Techniques in Communicating With Counsel  Deana Johnson JD
405 Motivational Interviewing to Guide Adolescents Toward Change  Samuel Vincent DNP
406 Oral Health in the Correctional Environment  Mark Szarejko DDS CCHP
407 It's the 21st Century: Time to Bid Farewell to Sick Call and Chronic Care Clinic  Marc Stern MD MPH
408 Protecting Each Other: Suicide Prevention for Correctional Staff  Merideth Smith PhD CCHP
409 Squamous Cell Cancer of the Head and Neck Richard Kosierowski MD
410 See-Do-Save: Simulation Techniques for Training Correctional Nurses 

Frances Tompkins MS RN CCHP-RN     Kristin Malone RN ADN CCHP

411 The Social Determinants of Race Among African-American Men: Diagnostic and Treatment Implications 

Mark Fleming PhD CCHP-MH                Scott Eliason MD CCHP-MH                  Adam Love PsyD

412 Supreme MDs: What to Do When Lawyers and Judges Practice Medicine 

Donald Kern MD MPH CCHP                Justin Barkley JD CCHP                   Christie Estes JD CCHP 

413 Overcoming the Challenges to Suicide risk Screening in Juvenile 

Lindsay Hayes MS                              Brian Conant PsyD CCHP                  Ohiana Torrealday PhD CCHP-MH  

414 How to Establish and Maintain a Quality Improvement Program  Ramesh Upadhyaya MS BSN
415 Site-Specific Procedures for Managing the Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Patient  Robin Belcher-Timme PsyD CCHP-MH  Sarah Sease PsyD MEd
Sarah Springer PsyD
416 Work-Life Balance Techniques to Manage Correctional Stress  Dana Neitlich MSW
417 Pressure to Treat: A Realistic Approach to Managing Hypertension   Todd Wilcox MD MBA CCHP-P CCHP-A
418 Psychotropic Medications: Timely Assessment Pearls for Nursing  Joseph Penn MD CCHP
419 Tell Me How You Really Feel: A Guide to Deciphering the Malingering of Psychosis  Melissa Caldwell PhD CCHP
420 The Prison Rape Elimination Act in Women's Prisons: Special Considerations for a Unique Population  Frankie Fachilla LPC
421 Developing Leaders to Become Your Successors  Elmeada Frias MAS CCHP                 Jessica Lee MSN RN CCHP
422 Infectious Diseases: The Hidden Diagnosis  Sue Lane RN CCHP                           Susan Laffan RN CCHP-RN CCHP-A   
423 Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder for Individuals Leaving Jail or Prison  Warren Ferguson MD                      Thomas Lincoln MD CCHP-P            Jennifer Clarke MD MPH 
424 Professional Boundaries: How to Stay on the Right Side of the Line  Deborah Ash MSN LNC CCHP 
425 Stories from Within: Planning and Implementing Effective Mental Health in Jails and Prisons Jim Martin CCHP                              Tracey Titus RN CCHP-RN
426 Fragmented Care Equates to Missed Nursing Care: Opportunities for Improved Care and Practice  Mary Muse MSN RN CCHP-RN CCHP-A     Sue Smith MSN RN CCHP-RN
427 LGBTQI: A Look Inside the Walls  Wayne Popowski MA CCHP 
428 What's in Your Toolbox? Ways to Handle High-Demand Patients Deana Johnson JD
429 Gunshot Wounds in Youthful Offenders: Perspectives From the Cook County Juvenile Center 

Brian Conant PsyD CCHP                    Ngozi Ezike MD CCHP                         Faran Bokhari MD

430 Evaluation of TB Testing Methods: Effectiveness, Efficiency and Cost  Esmaeil Porsa MD MPH CCHP-P CCHP-A 
431 Treatment Guidelines for Opioid Addiction in Pregnancy  John May MD CCHP                             Juan Nunez MD CCHP-P                   Jessika Gil-Pineda MD CCHP
432 Journal of Correctional Health Care: An Overview and Perspective for the Future John Miles MPA 
433 Graying Behind Bars: The Geriatric Housing Care Model as a Solution Judith Thomas APRN FNP-C
434 Nursing Assessment and Management of Asthma  Renee Dahring NP CCHP
435 The Anatomy of a Multidiciplinary Treatment Plan  Emily Franko MSW LICSW CCHP           Lesa Kelley LPN CCHP 
436 Cook County Juvenile Detention Reforms: Implications for Health Care Workers  David Roush PhD LPC 
437 A Tale of Two Lawsuits: Understanding State Court vs. Federal Court Litigation  Kelly Street JD 
438 Hepatitis C in the Prison Environment: A Successful Collaborative Treatment Model  Bruce Boynton MD MPH CCHP          Matthew Meehan RN CCHP                Wendy Price PsyD
439 Use of Lean Six Sigma to Improve Outcomes and Reduce Waste  Robyn Eatmon PhD CCHP                   
440 A New Leash on Life: Project Good Dog  Lewis Evangelidis JD                      Kimberly Roy 
441 Integrating Doctors of Pharmacy Into Primary Care Optimization  Vincent Carr DO CCHP
Valerie Barnes PharmD CCHP 
442 Interviewing Nurses: Tipping the Scale in Your Favor Jessica Lee MSN RN CCHP
443 Treating Behavioral Dysregulation in Male and Female Inmates  Merideth Smith PhD CCHP                     Ava Roush                                          Erin Smith 
444 Suicide in Prison: Guidance for Clinicians From a Risk Management Perspective  Joseph Goldberg JD 
445 Adolescent Immunizations Update  Alsan Bellard Jr MD MBA CCHP-P 
446 Antimicrobial Stewardship: Using the Tools of Today for the Promise of Tomorrow  Stephen Ford PharmD 
447 The Art of Managing Regulatory Inspections  Kimberly Pearson MBA RN CCHP 
448 Managing HIV: Clinical and Ethical Perspectives Anne Spaulding MD
L1 Educational Luncheon:
Long-Acting Treatments for Schizophrenia
Glenn Treisman MD PhD
449 Chronic Pain Management  Steven Shelton MD CCHP-P CCHP-A 
450 Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Abdominal Nursing Assessment  Susan Laffan RN CCHP-RN CCHP-A        Sue Lane RN CCHP                       Margaret Collatt BSN RN CCHP-RN CCHP-A 
451 Community Collaboratives for Effective Diversion of Individuals With Mental Illness  Bren Manaugh                                 Laquisha Grant 
452 Let’s Get Organized Using NCCHC Standard  Tracey Titus RN CCHP-RN 
453 NO POWERPOINT - Mock Trial: How Medical Records Can Make or Break Your Defense  John Tyler JD,                                  Deana Johnson JD
Joseph Goldberg JD 
454 Adolescent Dermatology  Robert Morris MD CCHP-P 
455 Expensive Long Shots: How Quality Management Enabled CDCR's Adoption of an EHRS in Mental Health  John Rekart PhD 
456 Facility Design Best Practices: Task Force Update  Gregory Cook AIA CCHP                Laurence Hartman MBA AIA CCHP
Erin Persky MS AIA CCHP 
457 Common Skin Masses: Abscesses, Lipomas, Superficial Cysts and Pyogenic Granulomas  Dianne Urey PA-C CCHP                  Esmaeil Porsa MD MPH CCHP-P CCHP-A 
458 Essentials of Nurse Leadership: Personnel Management  Rebecca Pinney RN CCHP-RN  
459 Behavioral Modification for Diabetes Self-Management: An Interdisciplinary Approach  Heather Stephens PsyD                         Eva Bradley BSN 
460 Insurance Coverage and an Inmate's Lawsuit: What You Need to Know Robert Vogt JD CCHP
461 High-Risk Sexual Behaviors and Outcomes Among Utah's Incarcerated Youth  Jennifer Clifton FNP DNP CCHP 
462 Vector-Borne Diseases: Ticks, Mosquitos, Spiders, Fleas and Disease They Can Carry  Sue Lane RN CCHP                           Susan Laffan RN CCHP-RN CCHP-A    
463 Dispelling the Mystique: A Balanced Approach to Treating Mental Illness  Melissa Caldwell PhD CCHP 
464 Recognition and Management of Opiate and Benzodiazepine Withdrawal  Tara Wagner MD CCHP                  Alexander Meagher MD 
465 Identification and Treatment of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome  Esmaeil Porsa MD MPH CCHP-P CCHP-A 
466 Rapid Assessment Triage for Nurses  Eileen Couture DO 
467 Innovative Approaches to Restore Competency in Severely Mentally Ill Inmates  Laurence Hartman MBA AIA CCHP   Elizabeth Falcon PhD PsyD CCHP 
468 Depositions 101: How To Be An Effective Witness for Yourself and for Your Employer  Daniel Griffith JD 
469 Strategies to Improve Staff Behavior  Elmeada Frias MAS CCHP                    Linda Young BS                                      Mary Silva MBA BSN CCHP
470 Review of Gynecology: Common Problems, Emergent Conditions and Specialty Care  Erin Brousseau MD 
471 Disaster Planning for an Infectious Disease Outbreak  Anne Spaulding MD 
472 When the Juvenile Sex Offender Is Also a Victim: Ensuring Individual and Community Safety Lee Underwood PsyD 


473 Rheumatology in Corrections: 101  Bertram Hurowitz MD CCHP-P CCHP-A 
474 Heroin Use in America: Update for Nursing Care in Correctional Facilities  Susan Laffan RN CCHP-RN CCHP-A 
475 Trauma-Informed Care: Understanding the Problem and Evidence-Based Responses  Jessica Reichert MS                       Vanessa Wilkes MA                          Dustin Cantrell PhD 
476 Litigation Made Simple: Important Information and Helpful Tips for the Correctional Health Professional  John Tyler JD 
477 Pulmonary Tuberculosis Among ICE Detainees: Considerations for Empiric Treatment  Tiffany Moore MSN RN CCHP                 Geri Tagliaferri MPH RN CCHP 
478 Introduction to Ethics in the Practice of Correctional Health Care  Kenneth Faiver MPH CCHP 
479 Corrections, Culture and Medicine  Rebecca Lubelczyk MD CCHP-P
480 Litigation and Practice: Honoring the Nursing Profession by Honoring the Practice Mary Muse MSN RN CCHP-RN CCHP-A Patricia Blair JD PhD CCHP-A
481 Empowering Inmates Through Collaborative Health Services  Amy Allyn RN CCHP-RN                  Elizabeth Smith RN FNP-C                   Jevon Claussen 
482 Diagnosing and Treating the Aging Population  David Stephens PsyD 
483 Prescription Drugs in Prisons: Purchasing, Policies and Cost Containment  Maria Schiff MS                           Alexander Boucher MA 
484 Leading Your Intergenerational Workforce Today to Become Successful Leaders of Tomorrow  Gregory Ladele DO MBA 
485 Major Endocrine Disorders: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment  Winifred Tate ARNP 
486 Nursing Advocacy for Pre- and Post-Release Continuity of Health Care for Prisoners  Patricia Blair JD PhD CCHP-A                   Sue Smith MSN
487 Treatment of Co-Occurring Paraphilic and Other Mental Health Disorders Abdi Tinwalla MD CCHP                          Bill Elliott PhD 
488 Building Legal Competence and Reducing Court-Related Anxiety: The Legal Literacy Project  Brian Conant PsyD CCHP              Katherine Hall LCSW CCHP                  Heidi Lambros JD 
489 Navigating Inmates' Rights and Facility Obligations to Provide Medidcal Care  Deborah Ash MSN LNC CCHP 
490 Expanding Access to Reproductive Health Care for Women in a County Jail
Elizabeth Feldman MD CCHP
L2 Educational Luncheon
Hepatitis C From a Clinical and Community Perspective
Neil Fisher MD CCHP
491 Chest Pain Evaluation: Rapid Diagnosis and the Evolving Requirements for EKG Overreads  Lawrence Mendel DO CCHP 
492 Addressing Cancer Disparities and Aiding in Reentry 

Mary Muse MSN RN CCHP-RN CCHP-A   Vickii Coffey PhD                                Alicia Matthew PhD 

493 Practical Management of Bipolar and Personality Disorders David Stephens PsyD
494 Establishing a Therapeutic Tier in Maximum Division of Cook County Jail  Kenya Key PsyD                                 Cheryl Condon
495 A Nursing Primer for Pain Triage  Rebecca Lubelczyk MD CCHP-P
496 I Just Got Sued —Now What Do I Do?  Robert Vogt JD CCHP 
497 Beyond Blood Glucose: A Focus on Newer Treatments for Diabetes  Zane Gray PharmD 
498 My Patient Had a Seizure: Real or Good Performance  Susan Laffan RN CCHP-RN CCHP-A 
499 The Case for the Patient-Centered Medical Home In Correctional Health Care  Julie White LICSW 
500 Working Together: Health Services and Custody Fostering Better Relationships   Jim Martin MPSA CCHP  
501 Benefits to Pumping Breast Milk Behind Bars  Donna Jackson-Kohlin APRN MSN CCHP 
502 Accreditation and Certification: Recognition for Correctional Health Care Excellence  Tracey Titus RN CCHP-RN
Matissa Sammons MA CCHP