Board Election


CCHP Board of Trustees Election

Each year, one seat on the CCHP Board of Trustees is open for election. CCHPs in good standing have the opportunity to select who will represent them and their concerns on the board. You must be currently CCHP certified to vote.

The 2019 election will take place from August 1 through August 15. Current CCHPs will be emailed an invitation with the candidate statements and a link to online voting. If you do not receive the email, check your spam folder and, if you don't find it, contact

Five CCHPs have been nominated for the three-year position on the Board. Their candidate statements appear below.
Note: These statements have not been edited.


Clarence Cryer, Jr., MSPH, CCHP-A

Dear fellow CCHPs,

I am honored by the nomination for a seat on the Board of Trustees. During the three-year tenure I will continue promoting the vision of increased certification among colleagues within our profession. Previous success in this area has been one of the many highlights of my longstanding affiliation with the National Commission. My experience in public and private sector prisons and jails provides broad-based knowledge that is well suited for commentary on policy issues. I will promote standards of excellence by continuing to develop, score and evaluate certified correctional health professional exams. Let’s commit to advancing correctional health care together.


Josie Mabalay, BSc, MA, CCHP

I started my career in correctional health in 2008 and early on, I understood the difference of providing health services in a correctional environment.  

I worked for 13 years at the University of Chicago Medicine in nursing administration including preparing for The Joint Commission surveys. I now work at Cook County Juvenile Detention Center for the last 11 years, 10 years as health administrator. I have been an NCCHC surveyor for eight years; three years as a lead surveyor.

Having been fortunate in having two experts in corrections as mentors, I want to pay forward and mentor other professionals entering the correctional health system.  My vision is to inspire and empower new health professionals entering the correctional health system by providing a template for success including an orientation list, workplace expectations, work ethics, an overview of the NCCHC standards and the benefits of being a Certified Correctional Health Professional.


Sue Medley-Lane, RN, CCHP-A

As a registered nurse with experience in healthcare for over 40 years, over 22 years in correctional healthcare (from intake to administration), and 30 years of infection prevention and control. I have developed policies and procedures, and specific infection control programs, training, and management. My current position is the corporate infection and prevention coordinator overseeing multiple programs. In promoting understanding of the correctional healthcare, I present at national conferences, trainings, and contribute to publications. I represent correctional healthcare in multiple committees, task forces, and currently serve as a NCCHC lead surveyor, and chairman for ACHP. I am advocate for specialty certification, and want to see us continue to progress with additional certification for correctional positions, provide current and ongoing updates, and maintaining the integrity of this program. I look forward to the future of this program and want to be a part of making this specialty recognized by healthcare peers.  


Ralf Salke, BSN, RN, CCHP-A

I’m honored for this nomination. I served on the Board previously and assisted in achieving numerous goals and promoting this organization throughout the country. I have 31 years of Correctional Healthcare experience. I was an Officer in the USAR for 12 years working in the MP and Medical Service Corps. If elected, I would work towards improving the CCHP exam development and scoring of the CCHP/CCHP-A examinations and making it more responsive to the needs of the correctional health environment as well as promoting APRN/PA specialties. I am familiar with the healthcare operations in both prisons and jails around the US. I would very much like to offer my experiences to the CCHP programs and for its continued development in the correctional industry. I know I can make a difference and have. I promote/ encourage all staff to participate in the CCHP and Advanced CCHP programs. Thank you 


Deborah Shelton, PhD, RN-C, CCHP

I am honored to be nominated and considered by my peer correctional health care professionals for a position on the CCHP Board of Trustees.  Building upon a career with over 40 years of clinical practice, partnership and research, my career goal has been to advance the specialty of correctional health. To support NCCHP’s mission to improve health opportunities for incarcerated populations, the expertise I can bring to the group includes item writing, item analysis, program development and evaluation skills. I hope to contribute an additional perspective from the viewpoint of an academic partner to achieve our goals of certification opportunities that contribute to a nationally recognized workforce. With the growing body of evidence influencing contemporary practice, multiple partners and viewpoints make us responsive to staff, clients and society.  I am willing to learn, have time to commit and am passionate about the possibilities that will be yielded through my service.