Preparing for the CCHP Exam


Candidate Handbook is sent to all applicants to help them prepare for the examination and also is available here as a download. The handbook provides a detailed list of content areas covered on the examination. It does not contain the study materials but instead is meant to help direct your studies.

The following publications contain the material covered on the examination. We strongly recommend that you study these books to improve examination performance.

  • Standards for Health Services in Prisons
  • Standards for Health Services in Jails
  • Standards for Health Services in Juvenile Detention and Confinement Facilities
  • Correctional Health Care: Guidelines for the Management of an Adequate Delivery System (free download)

The Standards may be purchased as a discounted CCHP Study Package or individually (see the NCCHC catalog). Although health care delivery in jails and prisons differs significantly, there is much overlap in the jail and prison standards, so you may wish to purchase only one of the two. Alternatively, your employer, colleagues or library may have these resources. Many CCHP candidates study together and share one set of materials.

See these sample test questions for an idea of what to expect when you take the exam.