NCCHC Honors Lynn Sander for Excellence in Communication

Posted Nov 1, 2014

Lynn Sander, MD, FSCP, CCHP, has posthumously received the B. Jaye Anno Award of Excellence in Communication for 2014. This award pays tribute to innovative, well-executed communications that have had a positive impact on the field of correctional health care, or to individuals for bodies of work. Named after NCCHC’s cofounder and first vice president, B. Jaye Anno, PhD, CCHP-A, the award was presented Oct. 20 during the opening ceremony of NCCHC’s National Conference on Correctional Health Care in Las Vegas, NV.

CorrDocs was already a well-regarded specialty publication when Dr. Sander became its editor in 2007. But under her passionate and resolute stewardship, the quarterly newsletter of the Society of Correctional Physicians evolved and matured into a different sort of periodical. She expanded its educational mission, recruiting experts in the field to contribute a broad array of substantive articles of value to the membership, and she never missed a deadline.

Dr. Sander worked in correctional health care for nearly 30 years before she died in November 2013. She spent 16 years at the Denver County Jail system, serving as its medical director for the last 10. She then worked a few years as corporate medical director for a correctional health care provider before beginning a consultant practice in 2007. That coincided with the end of her two-year term as SCP president and the start of her volunteer job as CorrDocs editor.

Dr. Sander was a lifelong educator who promoted careers in correctional medicine through a teaching program at the Denver County Jail. She presented at many conferences and was instrumental in developing the curriculum for NCCHC’s first Medical Director Boot Camp, which evolved into the Correctional Health Care Leadership Institutes.

Find Dr. Sander's award profile here.

EDITOR NOTE: A photograph of Dr. Sander is available.

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