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Gain a professional edge: Invest in CCHP certification


Participation in NCCHC's Certified Correctional Health Professional program is an investment in your future that will give you a professional edge. Certification recognizes the mastery of national standards and the knowledge expected of leaders in this complex, specialized field. The CCHP credential is a symbol of achievement and leadership, and is highly valued not only by participants but also by employers.

The rewards of a career in correctional health care are many: experience with a wide variety of patients, playing an important role in public health and working with other dedicated professionals, to name just a few. But correctional settings also present unique challenges: strict security regulations, crowded facilities, the myriad legal and public health considerations of providing care to incarcerated populations and more. Achieving professional certification is the surest way to prove that you have the tools to meet these challenges. 

Now in its 24th year, the CCHP program is stronger than ever, with 2015 marking the 12th consecutive year of growth.

The CCHP program recognizes health care professionals from a variety of disciplines and settings, and the credential has been awarded to thousands of individuals nationwide. CCHPs also may opt to pursue Advanced certiļ¬cation (CCHP-A), and specialty certification is available for registered nurses (CCHP-RN) and mental health professionals (CCHP-MH).

Apply today and join the thousands of correctional health professionals who have earned the distinction of CCHP.