Board Election


CCHP Board of Trustees Election

The 2017 election has ended.

Each year, one seat on the CCHP Board of Trustees is open for election. CCHPs in good standing have the opportunity to select who will represent them and their concerns on the board. You must be currently CCHP certified to vote.

The 2017 election will take place from August 10 through August 24. Current CCHPs will be emailed an invitation with candidate statements and a link to online voting. If you do not receive the email, check your spam folder and, if you don't find it, contact

Note: These statements have not been edited.


Robyn Hodges, PsyD, MA, CCHP

Robyn Hodges, M.A., Psy.D., CCHP is currently the Regional Behavioral Health Director for Correct Care Solutions (CCS) within Maine Department of Corrections and oversees services for over 2,400 men, women and juveniles, including mental health, substance abuse, problem sexual behavior treatment and a specialized intensive mental health unit. Dr. Hodges has over 11 years of correctional experience and currently manages the development of special projects and a policy advisory committee for all behavioral healthcare services. She has developed and strengthened her skills as a correctional psychologist and leader while working in various correctional facilities. Dr Hodges remains committed to recognizing and promoting the vital role of integrated behavioral health services in providing effective healthcare for inmates nationwide. Her vision for the future is rather simple: continue to promote best practice standards within correctional healthcare while advancing behavioral health professional involvement through enhancement and greater visibility of the CCHP program.


Todd Leonard, MD, CCHP-P

I have been working exclusively in correctional healthcare for approximately 11 years. Over this time, I’ve gained a deep understanding of this specialty. I am a leader in correctional healthcare in the Midwest, and regularly collaborate with state agencies and legislature on policy and regulations involving correctional healthcare.

I am active with the NCCHC, attending virtually every spring and fall national conference since 2009. I attained my CCHP certification in 2010, and CCHP-P certification in 2015. I work diligently to advance NCCHC standards in all of the facilities that we currently serve.

My vision for the future of this program is to continue to improve and expand the program for mid-level medical providers, and to champion the standards of excellence that this program exemplifies. I would also like to expand the collaboration that the NCCHC has initiated with other medical agencies, such as the AAFP and the AMA.


Juan "Rudy" Nunez, MD, CCHP-P

My name is Juan “Rudy” Nunez. I am a physician involved in correctional medicine over 23 years. I enjoy training and providing assistance to other health care providers and nursing staff. I‘ve been involved with NCCHC in serving as Board Member on The CCHP Board of Trustees, The American College of Correctional Physicians, The CCHP Physician Exam Task Force Committee, The Task Force for drafting the 2017 NCCHC Standards. I am Fellow of The American College of Correctional Physicians and a Physician Surveyor. I will continue with your support to represent all aspects of our CCHP Program with the expectation of providing the best medical care available to all Inmate/ Patient population in The US and in other Countries. Thank You for Your Support as always.


Kim Pearson, MHA, MBA, RN, CCHP

Joining Orange County Correctional Health Services in 2010, my current role as Deputy Agency Director includes healthcare oversight for 60,000 Adults and Juveniles detained annually.  Responsibilities include regulatory compliance, risk management, and maintaining collaborations with OC Sheriff’s Department, ICE, DOJ, Board of State and Community Corrections, and other stakeholders.

I previously served on the American Correctional Health Services Association CA/NV Chapter board and also as a Surveyor for the NCCHC. In addition to the credential of CCHP, I have a B.S. in Health, M.S. Healthcare Administration and MBA.

My vision for the CCHP program is for continued growth and exam refinement. I believe we need to insure continued analysis of test questions as it relates to ever-changing regulations impacting Correctional Health across the U.S. We also need to expand and increase the number of healthcare providers CCHP certified, as it further lends credibility to this still somewhat-unknown healthcare specialty.


Tara Taylor, MSML, BSN, RN, CCHP

I am honored and humbled to be nominated for a seat on the CCHP Board of Trustees. My career in corrections began 21 years ago as a staff nurse and I have served in various clinical, management, and operational roles. I earned my CCHP Certification in 2004 and am trained as a NCCHC surveyor. I am very passionate about the care we provide to patients and recognize the role NCCHC Standards play in the delivery of quality health care. 

I would work to advance the CCHP certification process and identify ways to educate staff on the value of obtaining the CCHP certification to further support their commitment to provide quality healthcare in corrections. My experience would also assist the ongoing efforts to enhance the certification process, exam, and scoring in response to the changing needs of the correctional setting. I sincerely appreciate your consideration.