Applying for CCHP-A



Certified Correctional Health Professionals are eligible to apply for advanced certification after three years in the basic certification program.

The Application

Advanced certification is a two-part process. The first is an extensive application detailing the individual's experience and contributions to the field of correctional health care. The application is divided into four categories:

  • Education and Training assesses formal education, licenses and certifications, job-related skills and techniques, and participation in continuing education activities.
  • Employment assesses time spent in the health care profession and the portion spent in correctional health care. In addition, professional responsibilities and professional achievements and recognitions are considered.
  • Contribution to the Profession assesses overall involvement in the applicant's profession. Memberships in professional organizations, service to the profession (e.g., serving on boards or committees), scholarship and teaching (e.g., teaching courses, publishing articles) are considered.
  • CCHP Performance/Quality of Application considers the applicant's score on the initial certification exam and the quality of the application itself. Also considered are the quality and tone of the supporting letters submitted on the applicant's behalf.

The application is reviewed by the CCHP Board of Trustees. If it is not accepted, a description of its deficiencies will be provided and the applicant will be given an opportunity to submit supplemental documentation.

If the application is accepted, the candidate proceeds to take the examination.

For more details, see the CCHP-A brochure, which contains program information, a study guide and the application.

application / examination Fees

The $125 application fee is payable when the application is submitted for review. If the application is approved, a $125 examination fee is due before sitting for the examination. If the application is not approved on the first review, a second review of additional materials will be considered at no charge if the application is resubmitted within a one-year period.

Attention veterans: You may be eligible for reimbursement of the exam fee by the Veterans Administration. Learn more »